Re: Believe it or not


I agree with you completely. I've become involved in some far number of
political messes that arose simply because the people involved stirred the pot
till some "outside" party took note of something going on "over there." I
think we are fairly safe until some climber thinks money or notoriety can be
had by coming after us.

But, once the ball begins rolling, ... Someone wrote of rocketry; I've been
involved in that for probably 38 years. When I began, we could build metal
shelled units and fuel them with whatever fertile minds could imagine. Now, my
son and I have had to get licensed with the BATF as explosive manufacturers to
do our own engines and the local July 4th. show for our town (talk about hoops
to jump through!).

Have a great day all,
Bill Langston

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>
> Perhaps were are making an issue where none really exists.
> However, If anyone does know of anyone who wants to try and "regulate"
> Tesla coils, or coiling in general, let us know and we can start writing
> letters and all the fun things one can do to change their minds.
> However, at this point, I think this is an issue that does not exist.  The
> worst we could do is end up creating it all by ourselves...
>         Terry
> At 11:59 AM 11/06/1999 -0500, you wrote:
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> >
> >Chris,
> >
> >The gun control people are already trying to ban all types of firearms!
> >Smokers (I don't smoke) in at least one state that I know of can't even
> >legally smoke in THEIR OWN HOMES if they have people working for them in
> >the home who don't smoke! The anti smoking crowd is now mounting a world
> >wide assault on smoking! There is a government push on to
> >regulate/heavily tax/design down Sport Utility Vehicles because they
> >have an "unfair advantage" over smaller compact cars in a collision, and
> >the list goes on! If you think that government regulation of Tesla coils
> >isn't a very real possibility, think again. If we don't pay close
> >attention to the possible gradual loss of our freedoms through
> >government control, one day we could wake up to find out that they are
> >gone!! Think about it!
> >
> >Safe and unregulated coiling to all,
> >
> >Ed Wingate RATCB
> >