Re: Believe it or don't

Every time I set up my coil in the back yard the police show up about and
hour later.  By then I have finished playing with the coil and put it away
and there isn't anything for the police to see.  All they know is a neighbor
called and complained I was making sparks in the back yard.  So I figure the
police didn't see it and they won't know the difference no matter what I
say.  I tell them I was using the arc welder.  Thats the truth too because I
was using the arc welder as current limiting.  On the 4th of July I
discharge my cap bank a few time and vaporize some 1/8" steel wire 6 feet
long and it sounds like a high powered rifle going off.  The police always
come to this event too.  The police have become regulator visitors to my
house. It seems like every time someone finds something fun to do the
Gestapo wants to make it illegal. I have been arrested so many times its not
funny and its expensive too.  Got arrested for riding my racing go-cart on
the city street, making and shooting off homemade fireworks in the back
yard, flying a kite with 5000 feet of string. I didn't know the kite was
over the airport runway. Got arrested for having too many rifle bullets in
the back seat of my car and flying a model airplane on city school property.
Haven't been arrested yet for running my TC. Some day the Gestapo will have
us all arrested.  Seems like everything that is fun is illegal.

Gary Weaver

>The gun control people are already trying to ban all types of firearms!
>Smokers (I don't smoke) in at least one state that I know of can't even
>legally smoke in THEIR OWN HOMES if they have people working for them in
>the home who don't smoke! The anti smoking crowd is now mounting a world
>wide assault on smoking! There is a government push on to
>regulate/heavily tax/design down Sport Utility Vehicles because they
>have an "unfair advantage" over smaller compact cars in a collision, and
>the list goes on! If you think that government regulation of Tesla coils
>isn't a very real possibility, think again. If we don't pay close
>attention to the possible gradual loss of our freedoms through
>government control, one day we could wake up to find out that they are
>gone!! Think about it!
>Safe and unregulated coiling to all,
>Ed Wingate RATCB