Tesla coil video 24 is ready

Hello coilers !!

I just completed videotape 24 which was about 8 months in
the making.  This tape includes various spark gap and tube coil
TC projects, photos from others, visits to other coilers, etc. 
Index below.

                       Index for tape 24

1.  Inductive ballast is constructed and installed.
2.  Toroid sanding jig is shown, described and demonstrated.
3.  New sanding jig is built for the larger toroids.
4.  New test results of low breaksrates vs. high break-rates.
5.  Explanation and drawings of required firing angles for matched,
     LTR, and STR sized caps.  Also power factor, inductive kick 
     charging, etc.
6.  New test results of 60 BPS vs. 120 BPS.
7.  Drill press positioning table for toroid spinning is constructed.
8.  Audio voice modulation of a DC tube coil.  This coil's sparks
     speak in a Teslarian voice.
9.  We visit Herm Flynn's lab in NJ and see his spark gap and tube
     Tesla coils, and we see views of his chemistry lab.
10.  Dual toroids are tested on my TC, sparks increase from 49" to
       58" max, still at 950 watts.  Frantic spark action is shown.
11.  Comparison of large and small sync gap TC's, and modification
       of series quenching sync gap.
12.  Old small tube TC will be disassembled to make room for a new
      and (hopefully) better small tube TC.
13.  Hamfest buys
14.  Photos from other's section
15.  A clean up, to make room for new TC work.
16.  We visit Lou Balint of PA to see a demo of his electrostatic TC
17.  My large vs. small TC secondary tests continue.
18.  Another secondary spot burns
19.  Construction of the new tube coil;  lucite secondary form, winding,
       coating, lexan end caps, toroid mounting, flat primary winding, etc.
20.  The new 3.5" x 11.5" spun aluminum pseudo-toroid is shown.

To order Videotape 24, please send $16 to:

John Freau
49  Thiem Ave
Rochelle Pk,  NJ   07662