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<<  I've got to ask, what are all the coilers using H2 Thyratron devices for?
> Originally my application was for a high-speed charge transfer switch, I've
> read that these tubes are real performers but am still not entirely positive
>on how to use them.  The Thyratron device is favored over any silicon
>devices due mainly to their abilities to withstand high-voltages (silicon
>devices are generally limited to about 1,000V) and the short pulse duration
 > I just picked up a set of 5C22 (Sylvania in this case), still looking for
> pin-out and example schematics.
 >Joel H.


The only coiler I've heard of who has used a H2 thryratron in a TC is
Richard Hull of the TCBOR, are there others?.  He used the 
H2 unit in place of a spark
gap in a magnifier TC.  A limitation of the H2 unit is it can only pass
one polarity, so he left it on for only 1/2 RF cycle, which did not allow
for a complete transfer of energy from primary to secondary.  Richard's
plan was to use two H2 units back-to-back, and switch them off and
on as needed to pass both polarities,  but he didn't get around to 
trying that.  Another option would be to use a H2 unit with a suitable
diode cross-connected across it to pass the other polarity.

Richard shows his shematic in a TCBA newsletter article.