Re: Malcolm Watts' comments on my t.c. comments

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<< The high structural capacitance with relatively low-C topload forms 
> purplish streamers easily while the relatively high Ctop type 
> produces fewer of these and less easily but when fed with enough 
> energy, connects to targets with a white hot discharge. This is what 
> I've observed in operation.  Type 1 is great for a little tabletop toy 
> coil but type 2 is serious coiling stuff.
> I remember Richard Hull describing this sort of phenomenon with 
> respect to one of his coils. He more-or-less said that up to 7kW, the 
> coil in question produced a few purple streamers of several feet or 
> so but on adding one more kW, "suddenly the 8-footers were there". 
> Anybody else have a comment on this?
> Regards,
> Malcolm

Malcolm, all,

I agree that small coil self-C, with big topload seems best for
producing bright, long sparks.  In Richard Hull's case,
it seems to me as if his gaps might not have been firing steadily until
he reached a certain power (voltage) level perhaps.  Also if the toroid
was quite large, the small bangs (before the power was turned up
high enough), might have hardly let the sparks break out. 

John Freau