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> Original Poster: bob golding <yubba-at-clara-dot-net> 
> Hi all,
> 	I have found some material to make a rotary gap with. It is 
> some sort of
> fibre glass and resin based material. It was off the top of a 3 
> phase
> transformer ,and carried the connections. It was hard to cut with 
> the
> jigsaw and stank to high heaven when I was cutting it. On to my 
> point, I
> have managed to get two pieces 5" in diameter out of it and am 
> wondering
> what would be the best way to go. Should I go for 2 pole or 4 pole?

Hello, Bob.

5" is on the very small size for RSG discs, though it should work OK. If 
you can machine two separate disks, try mounting them face-to-face,
spinning opposing directions. Either use two AC-synchronous motors to
line up the electrodes, or run both off of a chain or cogged belt drive.
This won't drive up the bps, but will reduce the dwell, and help in
quenching. Also, it will be unique and rather impressive. What speed do
you want to spin the RSG at? try to get a break rate between 100bps and
300bps. I'd go for 4 electrodes at least, so they will stay cooler, and
you won't need as high a rpm for a given break rate.
> I am
> going to use it with my 2.2 kva radar tranny. I have yet to get the 
> motor
> and decide on a secondary size. I have enough caps to get up to 46nF 
> and
> the rating of the tranny is 8200 volts. 
> cheers 
> bob golding

Sounds alright!

good luck,

Grayson Dietrich

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