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> Original Poster: "Chris Boden" <teslacoil39-at-hotmail-dot-com> 
> >Public accidents will kill your hobby and my profession.
> >This type of public irresponsibility will subject Tesla coils
> >to negative Federal and State scrutiny. I know this. Trust
> >me. I will be revisiting this subject soon. Stay tuned.
> >
> >Jeff W. Parisse
> >Director, kVA Effects
> >www.teslacoil-dot-com
> 	Well according to that statement, guns should be banned,
> cars should be, wait EVERYTHING should be as long as someone has
> been injured by one.

I dissagree. Horribly harmful things like alcohol and tobacco aren't
illegal since they have majority support. Most people would rather brave
the risks, and enjoy the benefits, even if they may be outwieghed by the
negative effects. With automobiles and other items with large positive
benefits the risks are seem even less significant. Tesla coiling is a
relatively unknown minority activity, and at acute risk from such
negative publicity. It is protected, I believe, to a great extent by the
fact that it recieves little bad press. I doubt it would be banned (too
hard to police), but I dissagree with your reasoning.

> 	But for most of us, we'd live if Tesla coiling was banned 
> since its only
> a hobby and we dont' rely on it to make money :)
> -Chris Boden

But still, we would all be very, very sad to see at all go away.

Grayson Dietrich

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