24 turns center tap neon primary.

I did some experementing today. I replaced a neon primary (241 turns of
wire) with a new primary coil (24 turns with a center tap). I used #12 wire.
I estimated 241 turns by counting the layers and number of turn on one layer.

I have a DC to AC converter that I built that uses an output transformer,
10:1 ratio step up from 12 VDC to 120 VAC, the primary has a center tap.  I
removed the output transformer and replaced it with the neon 24 turn center
tap primary.  
I connected the car battery and it works.  I get HV out of the neon.  I
don't have it connected to a TC but I get an arc across the output like I
did before. I don't have any way to check the voltage either.  The voltage
is probably close, plus or minus a few hundred volts.  

I also discovered that you can not build a DC to AC converter using SCR's.
It won't work.  When the SCR is triggered it won't open again until the
power it turned off.  After about 2 seconds every solder connection melted
and the entire circuit fell apart into a pile of parts on the work bench.  I
didn't know what happened the first time so I soldered it all back together
and did it again.  Its a little funny, wish I had it on video tape, the
circuit is soldered together one second, then all at once the entire thing
falls apart all by itself. Look its magic. 

Gary Weaver