RE: Modular caps

There are a couple of things to watch for (this a little like how I built
my plate cap)
1) Small cards are not such a good idea, by the time you allow enough
   space on the edge, your plates are very small. This gets expensive
   quickly. I considered mine marginal at 7x9 for the poly. (5x7 for the
2) Make sure your buss can carry the current.
3) find some way to keep the caps from shifting in the oil tank

Michael Baumann
Coiler, Homebrewer, Nerd. mycroft-at-access1-dot-net

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> Hello fellow coilers. As some of you may or may not know im a student
> and my coil was built for an electronics project. Ive been toying with
> the idea of small poly caps on cards all held in one tank and bussed
> together. Other than a major pain to cut and assemble is there any other
> factors im not seeing? I feel blowing caps is a part of coiling so the
> modular cap would allow you to remove the blown section or sections and
> replace only them and not sending a partially good cap to the trash. Any
> thoughts comments criticisms welcome.
>       Thanks,
> Philip Mac Duffie
> BTW the MMC cap looks like a good idea and I may try it but where can I
> order the caps from?