Re: Alternative supply for tesla coils

That is not straight the doubler scheme but operational principle is almost
the same: charge in turn a set of capacitors and use them connected in

Pro and cons are comparable with a plain doubler, besides small differences
regarding component voltage stress.

No free lunch here either...

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This is a straight forward design to get 12Kv from 2 2Kv mots. It doesn't
use any doubleing. Just a positive & nagative suply on each transformer.
Which are then hooked in series to get 12Kv. I drew a picture to better
explain what I'm talking about.
Its at http://www.geocities-dot-com/SouthBeach/Pier/2756/12kvmots.jpg The only
problem I can see is at high current draw situation a small cap wont keep
the voltage smooth & it would more resemble pulsed dc rather than just flat
dc. Altho a larger cap rated at higher voltage then the 4 that end up in
series would probably do the trick. If anyone has any thoughts I'd like to
hear them