Re: A TC without sparks ???

At 11:24 PM 3/28/99 +0100, you wrote:


>Can I run my coil with the secondary removed, if I either:-
>1. Fit a suitable resistance in parallel with my primary winding to
>   absorb the RF energy ?
>2. Replace the primary winding with a suitable resistance ?
>3. Insert a suitable resistance in series with the primary winding ?
>Remember at this stage all I am interested in is the primary cap
>charging characteristic.  I know other people have done something like
>this before.
>Terry - Didn't you do some testing of spark gaps with the secondary
>        absent ?
>Finally,  can anyone suggest what sort of change in performance I should
>see going from a forced air cooled RQ-gap to a 200BPS sync' rotary on
>a 2KW 4" coil with Cp=44nF.
>                               Richie,
>                               - Trying not to make sparks (for now)
>                                 in sunny Newcastle.

Hi Richie,

        Without a secondary, the entire primary energy will be dissipated
in the
spark gap instead of output sparks.  This can damage the gap or primary cap.  I
would simply set the gap to fire at a lower voltage and/or decrease the primary
voltage with a variac.  Since the energy in the primary circuit is proportional
to V^2, reducing the primary voltage will quickly reduce the stress on the
components to a safe level.