Re: Arc gap without transformer(120v)input

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999 00:42:55 -0700, Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Ken Donnell" <bigken-at-a.crl-dot-com> 
> Do you have a schematic of this? I find it hard to understand what you're
> saying without one.
> Ken Donnell
> ----------See http://www.insidetheweb-dot-com/mbs.cgi/mb124201 under circuit
description. I think it might be possible to use 2 primaries in a similar
arrangement for tesla coil application,but I do not have the time for this
I submitted the original post to show only that other high frequency
processes were possible with very high induction coils that are different
from the typical tesla coil arrangement. HDN
> > I discovered a unique way to make a coil, or rather two of them,
> > vibrate between series and
> > parallel resonances. A load can be placed in the circuit at this point
> > between what I have described
> > as unobvious potentials.The currents across this load come from
> > directions and form a unity
> > so that  an approximately dead short condition with little resistance
> > the load will avail itself of twice
> > the amperage contained in  either end of the loads connections. Sound
> > impossible? 

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