Re: LDPE Source?


I bought some 90 mil and they rolled it to about 7" diameter roll before
shipping.  Try a different supplier.  Mine was AIN plastics out of NY.


Tesla List wrote:
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> On Thu, 25 Mar 1999 23:01:28 -0700, Tesla List wrote:
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> > Does anyone know of an on-line source for polyethylene sheet suitable for
> > capacitor building?  My own searches have been unsuccessful.
> >
> > Greg
> I went to the Thomas registry and found the nearest distributor to me was
> Akron, Ohio. The problem is the dimension that it is commonly sold; 8 ft by
> 4 ft; not something so easily shipped. While I could have stainless steel
> shipped free of cost from the local metal outlet; the distributors of
> plastic sheet do not deliver in my area.
> I dont think you will find anyone willing to ship these items UPS and it
> would also be an enormous expense. Let me know the needs of your dimensions
> and maybe I can supply you some HDPE readily on hand.
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