Re: Flash Tubes

Not a bad idea, in general, but ordinary xenon flash tubes have fairly low
current/power handling capability and long quench times. A tube designed
for high speed, high rep rate might be better. A typical higher power tube
(say for a 2400 Joule flash unit) might run at 1000 volts and have a flash
duration of 0.1 mSec. (the real fast flash durations are when running at
low power).

I suggest you get a copy of Edgerton's book "Electronic Flash: Strobe" from
MIT press (less than $20 in paper back). This book is essential if you are
going to fool with flash tube circuits.

Fruengel has a lot of discussion about high reprate fast triggered spark
gaps in his books.
> I was toying with the idea of using flash tube (more like the standard
> strobes) to be used as a sealed spark gap for tesla use.  Is this
> or am I way off base??