Re: Flash Tubes

Probably way off base.  Standard flash tubes are only good for 50 - 100
watt seconds, at about 300 volts (unless you're talking studio flashes)
and require a relatively long (seconds at least) to cool before flashing
again. Strobe tubes aren't designed to quench fast, they try to stay on
long enough to completely discharge the 300 volt DC cap.

I have a few surge suppresser gas tubes that seem to do fine at 300
watts.  They are about an inch long and 1/2" in diameter, made by
Victoreen.  (All Electronics ~$1.25 each).  They are ceramic (and light
up when firing).  They are rated at 3,000 volts and it takes about ten
of them for 10KV AC.  Very quiet, good quenching.  My All Elec catalog
shows them in the index, but not on the given page, so they might be
sold out.  there are other gas tube surge suppressers around.  A surge
suppresser has to quench fast to keep from shorting the line it is
protecting . . . should work in a TC if it survives long enough.


Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: "JimmyD" <jim_del-at-email.msn-dot-com>
> I was toying with the idea of using flash tube (more like the standard photo
> strobes) to be used as a sealed spark gap for tesla use.  Is this feasible
> or am I way off base??