Re: Alternative supply for tesla coils

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>Original Poster: "Jeff Corr" <corr-at-enid-dot-com> 
>>>  This is a straight forward design to get 12Kv from 2 2Kv mots. It
>>>  use any doubleing. Just a positive & nagative suply on each transformer.
>>>  Which are then hooked in series to get 12Kv. I drew a picture to better
>>>  explain what I'm talking about.
>>    I will have to look at your circuit more closely later, but it does
>>resemble a voltage doubling circuit to me.
>It isn't a voltage doubler at all if I understand it right.  As Shaun
>explains it, it uses two seperate rectifiers, creating a negative
>supply and a positive one.  Both of those supplies in series create
>the total difference.  This allowed us to get 7kv from one microwave
>transformer.  While it oscillated in a Tesla Coil tank circuit as it was
>supposed too, the arcs of the spark gap pulled too much current
>killing the diodes after a few seconds.  Several diodes in parrallel
>should fix this.

I looked at the circuit, and it IS a voltage doubler.  The diagram is drawn
funny, but there's no getting around it.  The way you described it,
"...uses two separate rectifiers, creating a negative supply and a positive
one...",  is the very definition of a voltage doubler.  Don't let the
oddness of the drawing fool you.  I can rearrange the schematic to yield
the same voltage doubler circuit shown in many reference books such as the
ARRL handbook.  If a circuit uses caps & diodes to double the voltage of a
transformer, then it is a voltage doubler, regardless of how it's drawn.