Re: RF Ground

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> Original Poster: Ben Ramsey <Ramsey-at-bellsouth-dot-net>
> Hey guys,
>     Thanks for all the input that my last inquiry brought.  Next question; I
> keep reading referances to an RF ground on the TC and I want to know how this
> should be built, wired or whatever.  I read that the coil should not be
> grounded with the house plumbing, but that is all that I know.  Thanks.
> Ben
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Get a number of lengths of 8' groundrod at the local HW store (this it
typically copper-plated steel rod. Plan on using at least 1 rod per 1-2
KVA of power you'll be running. Pound these into the ground (renting an
air-hammer may make this easier), and connect them with #4AWG wire or
copper (aluminum can also be used) strapping to the base of your
secondary. This should also go to the center electrode of your 3-terminl
safety gap and to the center tap/case of your NST's. If you have very
dry or rocky soil, wet down the areas around the groundrods 1 hour
before firing to improve the ground connection.

-- Bert --