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<< Does a secondary resonator as described above
> have an optimum (most efficiant) operating power (kVA input), 


>From a practical standpoint, within a broad range, probably not.

>or does
> efficency (meaning max spark length per watt) increase with input power

You'll need about 4 times the power input to get double the spark
length. It roughly follows the square law.

> ? Any ideas as to how many kVA input this secondary could handle ? I
> also have a 5, 7.5, and 12.5 kVA transformers. Also, would a sync RSG
> give any better performance than a TCBOR style gap or Gary Lau's vacuum
> gap on NSTs ?.......

I've gotten better results with sync RSG's, than with any other type
of gaps in my coils.  But if the sync RSG lowers your break-rate from
what is is now, then it won't help.  To get the best advantage from a
120 bps RSG, you'll probably need a larger cap.  My guess is that
a sync RSG with a higher break-rate might not help much.

John Freau

>Many thanks to everyone on the list who has posted
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> made this great mailing list possible !!! So, what's after "Reddy
> Kilovolt"? Maybe "Reddy Megavolt"?..................Coiler howdys from
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