Re: Zinc based spark gap

Hi All,

I looked in a welding text book on the safety of various metal oxides. 
They lump all the nonferrous metals as being dangerous to the lungs. 
Copper, silver, zinc, aluminum . . .  They only make special mention of
things like cadmium, and beryllium, as particularly dangerous.

Inhale some sun blocker and it may be harmful.  Tesla Coils are
inherently dangerous, we already know that.  Here it is > don't, REPEAT,

take care

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> > I would strongly advise against using zinc. I'm not sure if zinc will
> > oxidize under the conditions of a sparkgap, but I suspect it will, and ZnO
> > can have a nasty effect on humans (severe respiratory distress, nausea, the
> > works).
> So THAT's what causes those big Boris Yeltsen noses - smearing all that zinc
> oxide sun block on 'em.
> Toxic?  yeah if you drown in it.
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