Sync Rotary = 120bps? (was:Re: rotery for neons)

Hello Doc, all

>Original Poster: "Dr. Resonance" <Dr.Resonance-at-next-wave-dot-net>
>to: Philip
>Only use a synch RSG with a NST.   If you use a non-synchro with it's
higher rep rate you will quickly destroy your NST.

Now you have confused me.

I fully understand the part about sync RSGs and neons and the problems
involved with NSTs and non sync rotaries (failure of the NSTs due to
overvolting), but what does this have to do with the break rate? I can
build a 120 bps sync RSG, but a 240bps sync RSG can also be built, or am
I missing something? I always thought the only main difference between a
sync and non-sync RSG is the motor (it being the "thing" synchronizing
the break point to the mains). Of course a sync RSG is non-variable on
the tap (meaning you can only vary the break rate by changing the number
of electrodes) and a sync rotary will always HAVE to be a whole numbered
"x" times the mains frequency (i.e.: 120,240,360,480, etc. bps for

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