Re: Tube coil toroid/ NO Break Out

To John F.
If I eliminate corona with a sphere or toroid and
retune the tank circuit, typically by adding a small
amount, albeit critical, capacitance with my
(811A) X3 coil at 1300vac -at- 480 ma there will
be no arc unless you draw an arc from a grounded
rod and in this case is about 10". However, if no
arc is drawn, the 60Hz hum of the oscillator gets
loud and the EMF field extends through the whole
basement illuminating fluorescent tubes 20' away.
I have discovered this is a dangerous situation.
If you are too close (even with this small coil )
any metal you touch can result in an RF burn as
your body acts as an HF receiver. I suggest that
tube coils be generally run with a break out point
unless you have a specific experiment in mind, then
keep your distance. 
John G. (who successfully squashed two WEB worms!)

John W. Gudenas, Ph.D.                       Aurora University
Department Chair of Computer Science and Mathematics
347 S. Gladstone Ave.                          Aurora, IL  60506

>John Freau
>> PS-What is the result of usuing a toroid and NO break out spike.  >>