New Tesla Coil mailing list

    In response to comments from a number of list members,
Richard craven and I have created a new tesla coil list. The
'Advanced' list is intended for experienced coilers who don't
wish to receive so many messages about stuff like, what is the
right wire gauge for this coil?, and how thick does the
polythene in my cap need to be?  Obviously these sort of
questions need to be asked by the lists newer members, but I
have had a number of comments about how some members don't
have time to sort through these.
    The new list is intended to have a message volume in the
region of around 10 per day, and this will be enforced by
moderators as necessary. The 'Advanced' list is very much in
it's infancy at the moment and we are feeling our way, but
anyone who is interested in joining such a list would be
welcome, and we are also interested in getting a couple more
moderators to help share the load.
    If you would like to join the list, or are interesting in
moderating it, then please send Email direct to me and i will
either add you, or send details as appropriate

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