Re: 99 bottles of beer in the cap.....

Another way to calculate the thickness of the glass is to use Archimedes
principle. Measure how much volume the bottle displaces in the outer
container. Measure how much volume there is inside (I suggest an indirect
means: weigh yourself before, consume all the contents of new bottles,
weigh yourself after, assume density of contents as 1 g/cc), the difference
is the volume of the glass.  If you do this with varying levels (i.e.
gradually push the bottle into the outer reservoir and note the displaced
volume) you can actually calculate the thickness of the glass as a function
of height in the bottle (it wont be the same, or even close).

Actually, I'd got with an empirical means: guess..

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> Okay, Mr. Boden---
> To the best of your ability find the area of the glass dialectric, then
> sacrafice a perfectly good longneck Corona-type SW cap canidate to a
> hammer. Find the thickness of the glass.
> Use this formula:
> assuming all dimensions are in inches,
> and a dialectric constant(Er) of....  hmm...  pyrex=~5.1, plate=~7.3,