Re: Gap turn off at zero current and TVI

Hi Terry, Richie,
                  Interesting observations! You ask:

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> >Hi Terry,
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> >I just thought I would send you this message as some work I have been
> >doing recently further validates the observations in one of your papers
> >on High Bandwidth Primary Behaviour.  It also sheds new light on the
> >TVI business.

> >My guess is that this effect is indeed causing the linear decay in the
> >primary ringing waveform.  Since the amplitude of the bursts stays
> >fairly constant,  an equal amount of the primary energy is radiated
> >in an HF burst every time the spark gap current goes low enough for
> >the gap to turn off.  (In a way this effect is similar to the inductive
> >kick business being discussed at the moment.  Both appear to be the
> >result of an inductor being open circuited whilst current is flowing.
> >I guess that the resulting voltage kick is what re-ignites the gap ?)
> >
> Wow!!!  You are seeing things few of use have seen!!!  Nice to have someone
> else see these things too!  I have not studied this much further than those
> papers reported but there is a LOT to still learn there!
> >What I really want to know is the one thing that you omitted:-
> >

Try something I;'ve been meaning to try but never got around to: a 
snubber across the gap. Who knows - perfect quench might be just 
around the corner. So might a host of other interesting effects.