RE: Sync Motor Conversion

Terry: you're working too hard!  Just use an old NE-2 with a current
resistor. Back in the bad ol' days of vinyl (before these new fangled CD
thangs), we used that to make sure that our platters were spinning at the
right speed.

>Although not the greatest bit of Tesla coil technology.  I have a big *.gif
>file of a strobe disk below.  I find it very useful to print out on nice
>paper and stick to rotors.


>Florescent lights give a very nice pattern.  However, it would be nice to
>have a fast, simple, cheap, etc. strobe light.  I was wondering if a MOV of
>about 160 volts breakdown and a current limiting resistor in series with a
>florescent or other gas tube simply run from the AC line would do the