Re: identifying plastics

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Isn't polystyrene also in this group, or chemically, does it belong in
another group???



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>    jorge my old friend!
>the polyolefin family has three main subgroups..... PE,PP,PMP.
>       -propylene
>       methylpentene (rare but cool properties)
>the nice thing about these is that the specific gravity is .9 to .95 or so
>which makes the old "float" test the first to try. only these three float
>of all of the (non foamed) thermoplastics
>ther are many PE Mol. wts. lldpe,ldpe,mdpe,hdpe,vhmw,uhmw
>in general as the mol. wt. goes up so do the physical properties.
>(and to a certain degree the electrical)
>if it sinks,then time use the "burn" test. burn carefully(!!!!!!!!!) smell
>of the fumes.......
>PE is a translucent white/clear
>PP   same or slightly yellowish tint
>avoid colors especially black as many times this is done with carbon.
>natural white is the best
>let me know and i can give you some more tests that can be done in the
>kitchen to ID almost  any plastics and even  a fair number of plastic
>oregon city