Re: insulating oils.

to: Mike

Yes, silicone oil is very expensive, but you don't need it for Tesla
applications.  Mineral oil works great and costs around $28 for a 5 gallon
container.  You can also consider a true transformer oil such as Shell
Diaxla or Union 76 Transformer Oil.  They also work great.  Be sure to store
the 55 gal. drums up on a block of wood or palette as direct storage on
concrete or ground will cause them to sweat internally in the barrell and
add moisture to the oil.  Commercial capacitor companies always store their
oil under a partial vacuum and heat the oil to 60 degree C. prior to adding
to the capacitor.



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>What kind of oil is best for very high voltage tesla-type stuff? I need
>some transformer oil, but I've heard it's 300 bucks a gallon. I need 100
>gallons, so as you can guess I'm worried about price.
>Mike Veach.