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What brand are they?   What is part number?   I can tell from this data.



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>Randy Peterson has 4 large caps of .05 uF each rated at 75kV.  They are
>cylindrical with a diameter of about a foot and a height of 18" with
>black cases.  They are from an old particle accelerator.  He's asking
>$100/each.  Is this a good price and what kind of cap would this be and
>would it be suitable to use in a TC? I should think with their huge
>voltage rating and large size they would be practically indestructible.
>Incidently, I also got a 70uf 10kV cap from him and want to do can
>crushing and the like.  Could some kind person who knows about this
>stuff email me off list at sdarling-at-columbus.rr-dot-com?  Thanks!