Re: Autoformer? I hardly knew 'er! HA

>Also I just capped my 6" secondary with pvc endcaps and pvc glue. Will the
>glue vapor be a problem? It's air tight now and I'm wondering if the
>outgassing from the glue will leave an explosive atmosphere inside the
>If not, where does it go?

Yes it does leave a potentially explosive atmosphere, and, the odds of a
spark, someday, inside the tube are pretty high.  However, the flammability
range is pretty narrow for the typical PVC solvents.  If you are concerned,
why not drill a small hole in each end, purge with air, then silicone the
hole.  The breakdown V of the silicone is higher than that of the PVC. I'd
leave a small air hole in one end (the bottom), to allow the tube to breathe
as atmospheric pressure changes. Alternately, you can purge the inside with
dry nitrogen for a while, put some dessicant in, and seal it up.