Cap values for 12/120(s)

Hi all , Here's the situation I have a few 12/120(s) and need to figure out  
what size cap(s)  I need to reach resonance ? When trying to figure this out 
my friend Dave said it could need as much as a.06!  This seems like a bit 
much to me , however when we paralleled two together  on our 8" coil with my 
.027 plate cap it worked very well.
These are 40year old Solas (very robust) 800va transformers.With the primary 
open resistance end to end is1950 ohms and inductance measured on one side is 
85h and 80h on the other with 116h end to end.
If anyone can help figure this out  it would  be greatly appreciated.We plan 
on running one or more so I need to know  idividual  cap size as well as for 
running 2,3,or4 trannys he hehe! 
All in prparation for the So Cal  Teslathon  Thanks again Mike Church