Re: Something I missed...

Hi Doug,

LTR = Larger Than Resonant.  This refers to TC systems using primary
capacitors whose values are much larger than one would typically use in a
resonant charging system.  For example, a 15kV 60mA transformer at 60 Hz
matches to 10.6nF cap for resonant charging.  However, in LTR systems, the
energy storage and Inductive Kick (IK) effects are used to charge much
larger value caps such as my 27.8 nF cap running from a 15kV/60mA neon.
The firing voltage is the same but the larger caps store more energy
(although, resonant systems may be able to fire at a higher BPS rate).
Basically LTR systems try to suck every possible bit of power out of a
current limited charging transformer.  This is still a very new area and
all the details have not been completely worked out yet.



At 12:09 PM 6/22/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Seems I missed something in the beginning of the discussion on LTR
>systems--what does LTR stand for, and what is it?
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