Re: Missed it, missed it, missed it...

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> I used to run zillions of tests with a 17nF cap and I was surprised!!!  Why
> didn't I ever blow the system to bits before??  I went back and plugged the
> 3.5mS delay into my old models from those times and the voltage shot up to
> 40kV peak!!!  I used to set the gap firing at the voltage peak back then
> which was a 1.24 mS delay.  That may have "saved my bacon"...

Terry, all,

My old ~reso-cap system produced 30kV on the cap at 
the gap firing point using a 12kV, 30ma NST, and I didn't have any
problems with the NST.  But my cap was rated at 90kVAC.  I found
the same efficiency using either the reso cap or the LTR with the 
NST if I remember my notes correctly.  

John Freau