Southern California Teslathon (Update)

Here's an update on the upcoming Southern California Teslathon.

Coilers - 18 confirmed...

Coils - At least 14 coils (from battery powered up to the debut of the Model
7M magnifier, many 6" coils, and the Model 8J)...

Spectators - Close to thirty RSVP's...

Grounding - I completed the dedicated RF ground system last weekend.  It's
comprised of brass/copper car radiators which have been sandblasted and
buried 4'-5' deep.  These are then connected to a central 8' ground rod via
1/0 cable. 

Power - We now have a 240v/50a circuit and two 120v/20a circuits available
in the coiling area (for those times when Ross, Scott, and I run at the same
time - hehehe). I'm also working on an additional 240v/50a (or bigger)
circuit for the big coils...

Who's Coming - Check the RSVP section at the end of the Teslathon page

Weather - It's been variable but most evenings have been perfect (75 degrees
or so).

Looking forward to a great time!!!!

Brian D. Basura