Re: cap firing voltage scope measurements question (tests)

> Original Poster: Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>
> Hi John,
>     I knew that LTR sync systems had a little voltage overshoot (a few
> thousand volts), however, I never realized that this overshoot could be so
> high.  This obviously needs more looking into especially for those of use
> that push cap voltages to the limit already!!  There are apparently
> resonant and timing effects that not only can support LTR caps but may also
> allow really destructive voltage rises to take place that we (at least I)
> did not expect!
> Much more work to do here!!
>     Terry

The charging mechanism is mentioned in Sargeant and Dollinger's "High 
Power Electronics". Don't have my copy with me so I can't name the 
pages but from memory it is in the section on power supplies. All 
along I have been disturbed by descriptions of ballasts as "current 
limiters" because while true, it overlooks the fact they also store 
energy in accordance with 0.5*L*Ipk^2, something which resistors 
don't do. Of course chokes are essentially lossless while resistors 
aren't so chokes are a most desirable way to go.