Re: cap firing voltage scope measurements question (tests)

Hi John,

> Original Poster: FutureT-at-aol-dot-com 
> Terry, Malcolm, Richie, all,
> I found my voltage breakdown table, and after interpolating for my
> voltage, etc., the table shows very good agreement with my scope.
> Just a further verification of the voltages I'm seeing.  It seems from
> your comments, that the 2X rise is not un-expected.  It looks like what
> I had heard in the past was wrong.  Well, the Tesla coiling world is
> full of myths anyway, looks like I got caught in one this time.  I'll be
> doing some more work with the set up.  
> Thanks,
> John Freau

I suppose the big question now is: what inferences can we draw about 
the safety of a NST when run with a sync gap? It seems amazing that 
they don't blow - or has someone out there blown one with a properly 
sync'd gap?