Re: cap firing voltage scope measurements question (tests)

Hi Malcolm,

At 08:44 AM 6/21/99 +1200, you wrote:
>Hi John,
>I suppose the big question now is: what inferences can we draw about 
>the safety of a NST when run with a sync gap? It seems amazing that 
>they don't blow - or has someone out there blown one with a properly 
>sync'd gap?

Hi Malcolm,

	I think they can be run with extreme safety.  However, the design has to
be carefully thought out.  I modeled everything for my LTR coil and tried
every fault condition known to me.  In all cases, the neon and everything
else should be very safe.  However, if I didn't have computer models to
test and tune the system with and did it by trial and error... It would be

	These systems really need a lot of careful design work which is not easy
for people that don't run spice models of Tesla coils all day long :-))
However, just like with MMCs, once the general rules are figured out, we
can have guidelines and do's and don'ts with them as well.  Thus, anyone
should be able to build them successfully, right now there are obviously
details that need to still be worked out...  Good thing John's caps could
take 30+kV.  My EMMC cap with its already "enhanced" voltage rating my not
have faired so well...