Re: cap firing voltage scope measurements question

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> My reading of that is when the gap fires near the transformer voltage 
> maximum, the supply is effectively slammed across the ballast forcing 
> it to store energy rather rapidly in a period when it wouldn't store 
> any without the gap short. The stored energy adds to the transformer 
> energy to recharge the cap. This mechanism in a resonant charging 
> situation does allow a theoretical 2x voltage maximum.
>      The same mechanism is what allows a gap to be opened once firing 
> in some systems to a point where it would otherwise be unable to 
> start.
> Malcolm >>

Malcolm,  all,

I suspected it had to be something of this sort.  I'm glad to hear
there is theoretical support for this degree of build up.  I verified my 
scope readings using the safety gaps, and everything agrees.  I've 
posted that separately.  This may complicate the calcs of those
who are not monitoring their actual cap voltages in their sync gap

John Freau