Re: MMC vs Commercial Caps

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<< The 16 hours is at least what it would take me
> to solder ~220 (10 strings of 22  0.056uFd 1.6kV caps, I use 1.414xDC) on a
> perf board with resistors and building the case, busses, etc. Just
> something to think about....
> Regards,
> David Trimmell >>

David, all,

Maybe someone will be lucky and find 1000's of MMC type caps at
a hamfest or surplus place cheap, and offer them to other coilers too.
Maybe someone who has extra time will offer to make up complete
MMC's and sell them to other coilers, if it can work out for them
price and time-wise.  This would be of course for the coilers who
have some money but not the time or don't want to bother building
them etc.

John Freau