Re: cap firing voltage scope measurements question (tests)

Hi John,

	I knew that LTR sync systems had a little voltage overshoot (a few
thousand volts), however, I never realized that this overshoot could be so
high.  This obviously needs more looking into especially for those of use
that push cap voltages to the limit already!!  There are apparently
resonant and timing effects that not only can support LTR caps but may also
allow really destructive voltage rises to take place that we (at least I)
did not expect!

Much more work to do here!!


At 09:50 AM 6/18/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Terry, Malcolm, Richie, all,
>I found my voltage breakdown table, and after interpolating for my
>voltage, etc., the table shows very good agreement with my scope.
>Just a further verification of the voltages I'm seeing.  It seems from
>your comments, that the 2X rise is not un-expected.  It looks like what
>I had heard in the past was wrong.  Well, the Tesla coiling world is
>full of myths anyway, looks like I got caught in one this time.  I'll be
>doing some more work with the set up.  
>John Freau