RE: Ball Bearings

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>Hope you all don't mind one more suggestion. Richard Staron has givin good
>advice about reducing hardness and could be used with this method if
>necessary. Several have given good ideas as well. This method may help with
>other problems as well.
>Not everyone has a milling machine, but most probably have a decient drill
>press. Buy an end mill as used in a milling machine and chuck it up in the
>drill press. End mills cut on both the sides and the flat "end" surface of
>the mill, they are not pointed on the end like drill bits. Put the ball
>bearing in a vice and carefully center the ball under the mill. (This is
>easier if one has one of those inexpensive cross vices.) Use a slow RPM on
>the drill press and a slow spindle speed rate and it will put a flat bottom
>hole in your bearing. Of course, this will work on other round surfaces as
>well like drilling through or flating/squaring/slotting a side(s) of a round

Be sure to use oil as a coolant while making these cuts. Different
materials use different coolants so check that out too. Seems like a great
way to make Tesla-coil spark and or safety gaps. (ob-mention ;)