Re: Machinist wanted for tungsten finned spark gaps (links to pictures)

Hello Dr. Resonance,

Well, I've heard on different occasions that single gaps sell for around 
$50.  I made several medical-coil repros with 6 and 12 gaps in series, and 
that would get expensive for a single machine at that price!

I just /really/ like the collet-tungsten bar stock gap approach.  It really 
makes a spark gap that NEVER dies.  The bar stock is simply replaced with a 
new "slug".  Besides, it's fun to make your own!
A 6 series gaps cost me about $75 each to make, but the time was unreal -- 
it took 3 days of solid work involved manually with all of the little 
lathe/milling operations, whereas on a CNC turning center it could be done 
"in a flash"...

Like wall-mount Tesla Coils, it's a Behary original - a bit over the top, 
but then again they fit in well in a house filled with arc lamps and quack 


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