where's the beef?

After talking with Sam B. and making sure it wouldn't be damageing to any of 
our toys we decided to connect our new SW cap to the NST and watch the 
We ran an extention cord, hooked up some wire, and plugged it in.
Everything looked fine, no breakage and a happy 60Hz hum, cool.
Then the best part, we turned out the lights to see the pretty blue glow and 
the faind corons in the saltwater (like we've seen on every website in the 
world) SW caps are very photogenic.
The problem is, nothing! There is no blue glow! Why?!

Now we know SW caps are incredibly lossy, there should be corona out the 
wazoo, but we don't get any, even in a totally dark room.
We did put an inch of oil on the top so we shouldn't lose anything there 
(except maybe through the interconnect wires on the bottles.

There's a hum, it's workin' but we just don't see anything.

What's wrong?

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