99 bottles of beer in the cap.....

Alright, just when you thought it was safe to go back on the list
The Geek Group is back with another retarded question.

We have a 10 Gallon aquarium with 15 Corona longneck beer bottles (clear) 
submerged to the base of the neck in saltwater. They are filled to the same 
level with the exact same batch of saltwater to the base of the next +/- 
1/8" (Remember there's 15 bottles here, eyeballing measurements that late in 
the evening ain't easy;-)
Doing the density deadman float on top of the saltwater is a nice (rather 
cool smelling) 1" layer of new synthetic motor oil.
There is approx 3/4" of the bottle exposed to open atmosphere on the outside 
and the bottles are completely filled with oil to the brim.
The interconnect wires are arranged with smooth radioused bends and at least 
2 loops in each bottle going to seperate bottles, with most having 3 or 
All bottles are in parelell.

Here's the problem:
Does anybody have a rough idea whatthe capacitence is? We don't have a 
funtional meter that will read Cap values and would really like to know. It 
makes the coil design so much easier to have a clue what the heck your 
working with.

Back again with Champange tastes and a Budweiser budget:

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