Re: The forever ongoing upgrade

to: Rich

4.5 times the sec coil diameter produces a real nice unit.  We run this
length (actual sec wire winding length) with a 12 kV 60 mA xmfr and a 0.12
MFD cap, 20 kV rated, with 3 subdivided sparkgaps with a 250 CFM blower
behind them, and a 14 x 5 toroid.  Output is a solid 24 inch long spark.

4.5 x sec coil dia.



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Subject: The forever ongoing upgrade

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>Hi all:
> Since our revamped Tesla coil is up and running, it's going back to
>the high school for more demo's.  My son's science teacher is becoming a
> While the coil is out of the house, I'm going to build a new
>secondary.  I have some 4" PVC pipe and 1/2 pound of 22 gage wire.  What I
>can't decide is weather to build a 16" or a 20" coil.  And do I have enough
>wire for the task?  Any comments would be appreciated.
>Rich Sebzda
>Your friendly neighborhood catscan repairman.