Re: mmc cap source (possible)

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> Original Poster: Robin Copini <rcopini-at-merlin-dot-net.au>
> Have just received a catalog from cornell-dubilier, look at
> www.cornell-dubilier-dot-com/kvxframe.htm
> would these caps be suitable for a mmc cap setup?
> anyone??
> Regards
>  Robin Copini
>  Adelaide SA


These are special purpose energy storage capacitors used for very
specific explosive detonation applications under adverse temperature
conditions. Uncle Sam buys caps similar to these for use in weapons
systems (you see them appear every now and then as surplus caps from Los
Alamos or Sandia. They are NOT what you want, since they'd be far too
expensive, while also being singificantly lossier than polypropylene
caps due to the mica-paper dielectric system. Polypropylene's the only
way to fly... :^)

Follow Terry's suggestion and go with the 940C caps if you go with
Cornell-Dubilier. Other good alternatives include:
WIMA Type FKP Film/Foil Snubber
WIMA Type MKP Film/Foil Snubber
Philips Type KP/MMKP 376
Exox-Rifa Type PHE-426
Exox-Rifa Type PHG-491 (expensive...)

Happy hunting!

-- Bert --

-- Bert --