Re: The forever ongoing upgrade

>From my own "forever ongoing upgrade" experience I'd go with the longer
winding to keep the distance between the top terminal and the primary as
large as possible. (To keep  strikes from the top terminal to the primary to
a minimum).
I don't know if 1/2  pound of wire is enough.

Good luck,
Jon Rosenstiel

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Subject: The forever ongoing upgrade

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> Hi all:
> Since our revamped Tesla coil is up and running, it's going back to
> the high school for more demo's.  My son's science teacher is becoming a
> While the coil is out of the house, I'm going to build a new
> secondary.  I have some 4" PVC pipe and 1/2 pound of 22 gage wire.  What I
> can't decide is weather to build a 16" or a 20" coil.  And do I have
> wire for the task?  Any comments would be appreciated.
> Rich Sebzda
> Your friendly neighborhood catscan repairman.