RE: Tesla Coil Photography


Your exposure looks pretty good, but it looks like a case of camera shake-
you'll probably have much better results if you use the tripod next time.
It's practically impossible to handhold an exposure that long.  As for
exposure, try to look and see what the camera is going to give you for an
exposure time, then switch to manual exposure and bracket from there- use
the camera's suggested exposure as a base, then try one and two steps more
and less exposure.  If you're hand timing the shutter, double or halve the
time to change one step.  f3.5 is probably a good aperture for the time

Best of luck


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Hi All,

My pictures of streamers did not turn out well and I could use a little

I posted my "best" picture ( the one the shop bothered to print) at:


This was hand held, florescent lights without the florescent filter, ASA
100 film, 3.5 aperture, the camera was controlling the exposure (thank
goodness, or it may have turned out bad :-))....