Re: coil pictures and observations

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> Hi Stan,
>     Chill the gap.  If you like bolts try brass bolts with alternating sizes
> of fender washers to act as finned heat sinks.  You can also cut nice big
> washers out of thin sheet aluminum.  A pair of 2" diameter copper pipes 6"
> long and at right angles to each other makes a nice gap.  The high electric
> field uniformity allows them to be put closer together.  Large brass balls
> make a nice gap but beware that some brass alloys contain lead.  Lead vapor
> is as dangerous as mercury vapor.
>     A table of measurements of spark length vs awg would be very
> interesting.   Different kinds of wire and various tubing sizes could be
> tested.  Coax has been found to be lossy but I don't recall any tests with
> RG214 that has that real nice double weave SILVER plated braid.  It would be
> interesting to see the result of a primary made with a ribbon cosisting of
> parallel silver plated wire wrap wires.  I did a test once with a solid
> state ESD pulser that used plane ribbon cable for connections.  The
> waveforms were very nice.  The frequency range of operation was several
> orders of magnitude above Tesla coil frequencies.

IMHO, braid sucks in any RF application, no matter what the wire 
coating. The reason is not the quality of the conductor but that the 
skin effect forces the current to hop strands, and anyone who 
services electronics for a living will know how reliable connections