New parts

I went to the surplus again today to scope out some new parts, picked up a 
*great* 7.5/30 NST that looks almost brand new, it has a grounded plug ( as 
opposed to the case grounding I had on my OBIT ) and an on/off switch built 
in and best of all it has 10awg thickly insulated output wires almost a foot 
long coming out of it instead of the plug terminals my OBIT had. The plug 
terminals inevitably caused a bad connection and every time I plugged the 
OBIT in I could see the blue corona pouring out. I also found some caps while 
I was there that look to be perfect for MMC use, I bought 20 of them today 
and plan to go back this weekend for another 60. They are 1kv 0.05uF and I 
plan to use them in four strings of 20 for a rating of 20kv 0.01uF.

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