Fwd: Coiling...beginner

Hi Terry,

  I got this email request (probably from the TCBA index where my email
is posted) looking for Australian TC'ers. Feel free to edit this
message to trim header fat and send to the listserver. Hopefully he'll
get some responses. I intend to send a personal email also.
  His email address is  rtwidle-at-fan-dot-net.au

  Thanks much Terry and great job!

 Bob Wroblewski N1INU
 Dracut, MA

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Subject: Coiling...beginner

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Date:	7/25/99  2:25 AM

RE:	Coiling...beginner

Hi Robert, I am keen to get into coiling..I work as a technician with
the local supply authority and will have a good access to a lot of gear
but I am writting to you wondering if you can steer me to any ozy
(Australian) builders that are active as I would like to pick their
I would appreciate any url,s on the subject that you can offer also.

trust you can help..thanks in anticipation..

Robert Twidle
ICQ #24363396